3rd payment from Neobux

Neobux payment 3

Neobux has paid me for the third time, increasing my earnings from them by about $4.00. The payments Neobux makes are absolutely instant, the moment you click the cash out button, the money has arrived in your PayPal account. The fee however, is a bit high and I had to pay 7 cents in order to cash out. This is not a reflection on Neobux, as I think it is PayPal that sets the fee for instant cash outs.

Overall I have been very pleased with Neobux due to the large number of ads and availability of the high paying ads, some ads are worth $0.015, and the fantastic reputation this site has earned. It is the easiest to use and probably the nicest looking site of all the paid to click sites I use and there is plenty of information on how to earn extra money from their very active forum and friendly and helpful members. Sometimes when I am bored I jump on the live chat area and talk to other users from around the world about how earning with Neobux is going for them.

I am still not sure about the rented referral system, but am continuing to research and experiment with how to profit from it. (more here) Luckily I am not losing anything from trying it out as I still have many adpoints to spend. As adpoints are given for free as an award, there is no reason I should not have a try at renting and I am making even more profit by trying. Despite this small concern I recommend joining this site by clicking on the banner below, if you want to earn some extra money from Neobux.

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