5 tips for earning with paid to click

Earning extra money online with paid to click can be a slow and laborious process. Here are a few tips to help you successfully profit using paid to click sites:

  • Try to click everyday

You may get discouraged some days and not feel like logging on and performing your daily clicks and your excuse might be that you will not miss the few cents that you make that day. Obviously there will be some days where you absolutely cannot get to a computer to click on ads, but clicking every single day will increase your balance little by little towards your minimum payout. you will be surprised how fast your clicks ad up and before you know it, you will have reached the pay out and received the money in your account.

  • Try to click at the same time every day

Depending where you are in the world and where the server of your favorite sites are based, the time of day the ads reset can differ greatly. By click at approximately at the same time each day, you will be getting the maximum amount of clicks for each site. Try to notice if there is a particular time of the day that show more ads and choose some convenient time around then. Alternatively, check what time the server resets or check out the sites forum to see what the best time to visit is. Remember that some ads can only be clicked once in a 24 hour period.

  • Use more than one site

Try to find more than one ptc site that suit your needs. There will only be a limited number of ads to click on per day and be using more than one site you can multiply your potential earnings. With some sites, you can have two windows open and click two different ads from two different sites. Do not try to have two windows open from the same site as this is against most sites terms and could result in you being banned.

  • Make use of offers and extra earnings

This is very useful when you are close to a payout. Make sure you check out other earning areas, as well as the ads, as there are often a few quick ways of earning those few cents you need to reach your payment threshold.

  • Spread your referral link around

Use your referral link everywhere you can think of. you never know where your referrals may come from so it is useful to spread your link far and wide around the internet. Post it to your Facebook page or tweet it if you have a twitter account. Even leaving comments with your referral link in the website section of your id on blog posts such as this, can help drive people to join under you.

I hope these tips have helped or inspired you in some way and as a final bit of advice I will share with you some of the sites I use based on their strengths:

For highest earnings per ad  —  Join ClixSense

For highest earning via referrals — Join Neobux

For quickest  cash out  — Join Clicksia or Incentria

For most ads and earning opportunities  — Join BuxP



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