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WordLinxBrowseAdsAfter you have signed up for WordLinx clicking is easy. Simply log in to your account and click the browse ads link at the top, you will faced with the the screen above. You may have to skip a message from Wordlinx before you reach this page.

Next, choose and ad link and click on it, it will change to look like this:


Click the little yellow button and a new window or tab will be opened. This will show the ad along with the time in the top of the frame like this:


When the timer has run out, you will need to keep the window active until the timer has finished it’s count down, you will see the following:


Now simply click on the link ‘Remove Frame’ and you will be redirected to the page of the ad. When the redirection has taken place close the window and you will have been paid. You may need to refresh the Browse Ad page to see your new balance. Easy, that is it. Now you know how to do it, sign up for free and try it yourself.

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