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WordLinx is a UK site that has been online or the past 9 years. It is one of the big boys of the paid to click sites. Members can earn up to $0.02 every time they view an ad. I usually see a few $0.01 ads to click each day so it has comparably high payments for your work. The amount of ads you see each day varies as the ads are geo-targeted and depend on where in the world you are viewing the ads from.

Anyone, from anywhere in the world can join the site and all rewards are in US dollars. WordLinx does not use its own program currency. That means your balance is exactly how much you have earned. You can also share the ads via popular social network sites such as Twitter, FaceBook and MySpace. You will earn from anyone who views the ad then joins the site.

The earning potential of this site is fairly high when compared to others of it's type, but the high payout balance of $10.00 can take a really long time to get to. Luckily WordLinx does not limit the number o referrals you can obtain, so i you are good at finding referrals you could have a virtual army of members earning or you. WordLinx upgraded membership is by far the cheapest I have seen at $10.00 for an entire year, and will show you more ads daily, so you can reach that payout quicker.

WordLinx will also send you emails from time to time if you set the paid email option to on. I recommend doing this as most emails I have received have been worth $0.01 and WordLinx will not spam you, i anything I would love to receive more emails from them When you are ready, payments are made instantly and often you will receive an email within a couple of seconds.

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