Bitcoin increase in price

bit coin increaseI hope you have all gathered as much Bitcoin as you have been able to in the months leading up until now. The price of bitcoin has increased quite dramatically, most exchanges are showing an increase in price of 30% in the past month. At time of my writing this, Bitcoins have been sold on bitnz for $1000 NZD.
Value has tripled in value in just one year.
This means all of those satoshi you have picked up from or other faucet sites have become much more valuable without you lifting a finger. If you had gathered $100 worth of Bitcoin last year, then stopped and did nothing for 1 year, you would have tripled the value of bitcoin to $300. That is $200 in one year for doing absolutely nothing.
Of course bitcoin is an extremely volatile and dangerous investment and I wouldn’t put any money into it at all, unless you are prepared for the possibility of losing it all. If, however, you are able to get BTC from a faucet site for free, your risk is basically $0.00 you are spending only the time that you have to spare. If you spare a few moments each day, then I would highly recommend joining a BTC faucet site. I use because I can earn commission from referring others, increasing the amount that drips into my bitcoin wallet even more.
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