BuxP improvements

There have been some changes made to the way members can earn on BuxP. BuxP has paid you to veiw videos for quite some time now and with the video offer section getting ever more popular they have made some changes to the amount members get paid. The earnings for completing video offers have been increased by 20%!Standard was $0.004 and is now $0.006
Premium was $0.008 and is now $0.01At the time of writing this post there were 68 pending video offers. This give the oppertunity of earning a quick $0.40. New offers are being added so that could mean $0.40 everyday.
Completing a video offer is simple:

1. Register or Log-in to your YouTube account.
2. Go to the Video Offers page on BuxP and pick one to start the timer.
3. Like the respective video and make a topic related comment.
4. Claim your reward on BUXP

One other new feature that I am particulary excited about is the reward system that BuxP has put in place for its referers. There is a leaderboard style competition now and the top 5 refferers get a free day of premuim membership. That is, the people who get the most sign ups to BuxP get a free day of premium mebership. Every day.

I haven’t made it to the leader board yet, but I have been within striking distance. So help me out and sign up using the banner below. You will be help yourself out as well when you join one of the top paid to click sites to earn from!

Join me in earning from BuxP here:


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