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Just a quick head to everyone, my favorite paid to click site, BuxP has changed their ad verification system. I think it works better. You can now simply type the number and press enter as the cursor is default targeted on the text box. You still do not have to wait until the timer reaches zero, so you can enter the number at anytime.

Max, the administrator has made the following announcement:

As you have probably noticed, we have updated our ad visit verification method. Why? Because the new method is compatible with all browsers, loads ads faster, is more secure, logs and is harder to bypass by auto clickers.
We realize that your normal clicking pattern at BUXP is a bit mixed up but if needed we will upgrade the verification method whenever needed to combat people who are not following the rules for earning money on BUXP.
These specific people also ruin the scheme for you: PTC Traffic is not the highest quality kind of traffic compared to Mail, PPC & Search traffic, so we have to maintain a certain standard towards our advertisers in order to keep and increase our market share.
This news message is also a warm shout to all of you: Explore the websites being advertised on our network! It will keep advertisers happy and make them come back for more (= more money for you!)
Receive DOUBLE amount of credits when exchanging your balance into ad credits via the cash out page Offer valid until Friday 24/01 23:59

Stay tuned for more updates!”

BuxP is continuing to improve their site in order to bring you more earnings and as I have stated before, I have earned more from this site than any other paid to click site and I highly recommend signing up for free to at least have a look around and hopefully earn a few extra dollars for yourself.

Join me in earning from BuxP here:


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