Buxp payment proof 4

4th Buxp payment proof

My favourite site, Buxp, has paid me once again and this is for the 4th time. The waiting period for a standard member is still 30 days, which seems like a hell of a long time, but the payment was on time and within this 30 day period. Even with the long wait times, Buxp is the most profitable paid to click site I use and with all of the new referrals I have been getting (up to 95 now) the profits just keep getting larger and larger. I am now averaging about $0.12 per day from this site and that means I reach the minimum payout and get paid about once every 58 days. I am still a standard member so I am more than happy with the results from this excellent and trustworthy site.

Buxp offers a large amount of options for earning including the usual ad veiwing and filling out of offers, but is one of the only site I have seen and definately the only site I use and trust that offers payment for veiwing youtube videos and you can even get paid extra for liking and commenting on most of these videos. Buxp offers a very large number of ads per day and adds more several times a day, so if you are able to leave your account logged on you stand to make quite a bit more than I was by logging on once a day. Buxp also offers a toolbar that will alert you, live, whenever new ads have been added through out the day.

Below are the statistic from when I first started to use the site. You can see that even without any referrals and only logging on once a day, that there is still a reasonable amount of earnings to be made.

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