BuxP payment proof 6

buxp payment 6

A few weeks ago I published a post stating that my favorite paid to click site was BuxP and now I have further proof as to why BuxP is such a good site. I have recieved my 6th payment from BuxP, demonstrating once again that BuxP is a trustworthy paying site.

This time when I requested my cash out, I was very happy to see that BuxP now offers instant payments through Payza. Previous to this, one had to wait up to 30 days before the payment was processed. Now payments take seconds and are automatically processed the moment you click cashout.

This is great news from BuxP and shows that it has become very trusted in it’s dealing with Payza also. I truely believe that this ptc site is here to stay.

I have also mentioned the number of ads available to click combined with great paid offers and paid to watch videos. The last week or so I have noticed an increase in the amount of earning opportunities available on this site and I highly recommend joining this great site to earn some extra money.

Join me in earning from BuxP here:


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