BuxP payment proof 7

BuxP payment 7My number one paid to click site, BuxP has paid me 7 times so far. This most recent payment was for the amount of $6.78 and was paid instantly. I can confirm now that after your first payment from BuxP, which must be done manually, the next payments are paid instantly into your account. That means that after requesting a payment the money arrives (in this case, into my Payza account) within a few seconds and is ready to be spent.

BuxP has been my favorite over the 2 years or so that I have been using, because I have always earned slightly more from this site, than from any other paid to click site that I use. This has lead to the 7 payments I have posted so far, making the total of the earnings for BuxP $52.36. This is due mostly to the vast number of ads that are clickable throughout the day. Add to that the opportunity to watch video for pay and the numerous paid to sign up offers and BuxP remains my favorite ptc site because it earns me the most.

Join me in earning from BuxP here:


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