Can you get rich from paid to click?

Pic by: jfphotography

Pic by: jfphotography 

Is it possible? Sure, I guess that anything is possible, but getting rich on PTC sites alone is very unlikely. First of all, you will have to join sites that actually pay you. There are only a handful of reputable sites that pay consistantly and honestly amongst the literal 100s of paid to click sites that have cropped up. Most of these site disappear quickly as it is difficult to recruit members who consistantly click ads. Of course, the site owners can still make a lot of money from advertisers before the site fails and dissapears.

Most people use these sites by simply clicking and ad, waiting for a timer to run out and getting credited a small amount (usually half a cent or a cent rarely 2). Some sites offer much larger payments, but don’t be fooled, getting $1.00 per click is unsustainable and you will not be paid when you request a payment. It is very unlikely you will get rich following this method, even if you joined many sites and spent hours clicking you would likely only get paid $3.00 or so per day.

The way anyone is able to make any money from these sites at all, is by referring others. Everyone that you can get to sign up to a PTC site through your referral link, earns you (the refer) money for every click they make. Usually this is just a small fraction of what you would get for clicking the ads yourself but your referras can click many more ads then you and this will add up to some decent money. You probably won’t make much from 1 referral or even 10. Most who are making money from paid to click sites have referred hundreds or even thousands of referrals. Your ability to make money on paid to click is based on how many referrals you are able to attract. For tips on attracting referrals click -> here.


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