CashCrate payment proof 1

I am pleased to report that CashCrate has followed through and delivered my first payment. This time payment has been delivered differently to how I have been paid by other survey sites and I received a check in the mail. The check was filled out to pay me the amount of $22.33 US dollars.

Unfortunately for us, there is a charge for my New Zealand bank to deposit foreign checks and as this amounts to approximately $15NZD, you can imagine that this hardly makes it worth it unless you are depositing checks with larger payments. So for all the work I did, my $22.33 payment was about to be reduced to around $11NZD.

Thankfully the lovely girl at the bank explained to me how this all works and even waived the fee (this time), so I happily was able to get my full payment, but this is no longer going to be an economical way to get paid. I will be in touch with CashCrate over the next couple of days to see if there is another solution that can work for those of us living in NZ. In the mean time you may want to hold off joining CashCrate until I can share that a better payment method has been discovered.

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2 Responses to CashCrate payment proof 1

  1. Leonardo R. Deschain says:

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  2. Russ Benk says:

    Thank you for your words, Leonardo. I have been dabbling with affiliate marketing, but have yet to make any real breaks. I will be writing about it when I do though.

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