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Wordlinx has really started to ramp things up with several changes in the past few weeks and more changes on the way. The first change I noticed was that there is now a ‘pre-ad’ that you must view before you can view the paying ad. This has been introduced to encourage members to upgrade and takes almost double the time to view and ad as before it did before the introduction. But, on the plus side there have been many more guaranteed ads added, now all users will get 5 ads daily guaranteed.

This will allow for more earnings, but extra time is needed to be spent on the site. My own experience has shown I have been getting about twice what I normally would have earned, I will have to give it more time to see if this will be worth it.

This week I have received the following email from WordLinx talking about the changes:

WordLinx has now been online for nearly 11 years. In that time we’ve created many unique features that can’t be found on any other PTC / bux site. This week we’ve added some more!

Guaranteed adverts for everyone!
Further to our last update we’re proud to announce that all members, worldwide, are now receiving guaranteed adverts!

Basic (free) members – $1.82 USD worth per year!

Verified ($15) members – $17.87 USD worth per year!

Pro (yearly) members – $23.27 USD worth per year!

Pre-View Adverts!
Basic members are now shown non-paid ads before paid ads to encourage them to upgrade. If Basic members wish to remove pre-views they can exchange points weekly in our new store.
Pre-views are Micro Ads. Every pre-view lasts 10 seconds, so if you have an active Micro Ad campaign your adverts are now being viewed up to twice as long!

Re-View Adverts!
Members can now earn points by browsing ads again. This potentially doubles the amount of views for all campaigns for free! New stats are now available on the ‘Advertise > Text Links’ page.

WordLinx Store!
Members can now trade points for things like upgraded membership and soon prizes, visitors and more! We’ll be adding new items over the next few weeks, so keep checking back!

Tasks coming soon!
We’re currently working with several companies to bring tasks to WordLinx. By July you’ll be able to access a brand new section with offers, jobs and more!
While tasks aren’t unique to WordLinx, we’ll be adding our own twist with cash and points that will make them more rewarding than anywhere else!”

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