Choosing a good password

PasswordIf you are serious about earning extra money online, you probably have countless accounts with various websites all requiring a login and password to access. This week I thought I would offer some words of caution that may prevent your accounts from becoming comprimised and possible drained of any money you have in those accounts.

Too many people use the same password across multiple sites meaning that if one site is comprimised than all of your accounts can be accessed. What’s more, if there is someone of dubious morals working inside one site, what is to stop him/her from accessing your account with other sites? This is very true if you are using paid to click sites. Anyone can set up a PTC site, and they might try using your user name and password on some of the other popular PTC sites and clean withdraw any money you have in them.

Always use different password for different sites and do not use obvious password. With the popularity of social media sites, much of your personal information is publicly available, so please do not use the name of your dog or the birthday of your child. Anybody trying to break your password will probably try these things first.

If you are very serious about your internet password security, I highly recommend the following article as further reading:

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