Clicksia 3rd payment proof

3rd payment from ClicksiaClicksia is another of my favorite sites and have paid me again.

This is the third time i have been paid and each time, Clicksia has paid me promptly and just as they promised within 7 days. Clicksia has one of the lowest cash out balances I have seen on a paid to click site and you only need to reach one dollar to request your payment.

Clicksia has the usual ads to click and make money from, the earning ranging between $0.001 and $0.005 but one of the great features offered by this site is the payment that they make for you sending traffic their way. Traffic does not have to sign up for you to earn from it.

Another feature that I really love about this site is the traffic exchange where you get credits for viewing ads and in return for those credits, you can buy visitors to your site. The rate is 0.8 credits for each visit which I find very reasonable and useful. The more ads you view, the more traffic you can drive to your site.

Finally, one more thing I wanted to mention is the 'Complete Offers' section where you are able to complete tasks for other members in return for money. I found no offers under $0.10, which seemed to be an excellent rate considering how little time the offers took to complete. Most were as simple as signing up for a membership to another site then posting your details. Done -> +$0.10.

Clicksia is a totally free site to join and the earning potential is great, especially if you can get referrals. so here is my 3rd payment proof and I can happily say that Clicksia is a trustworthy and paying site. I have no reservations about recommending this site.


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