Clicksia 4th Payment

Clicksia payment proof 4I have received my 4th payment from Clickia

After great success completing offers in Clicksia's sister site, Incentria, I immediately tried the same with Clicksia. It worked just as I had expected, the offers were quick and easy to fill out also and in a short time I have filled enough to get to my payment threshold once again.

After the 4 day approval period, some offers were accepted earlier, all of the offers had been approved and I proceeded to make my request for payment. As I have come to expect from Clicksia the payment promptly arrived within 7 days and here I am, proudly showing off my latest payment proof.

Once again I again I highly recommend this site, especially to those starting off as it is easy to get to your first payment, as the request threshold is only one dollar and the offers available should send you on your way in a very short period of time.

To join Clicksia follow the link below:



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