Clicksia elite membership

This week I decided to spend some of my earnings on an elite membership from Clicksia. Clicksia is one of the trustworthy paid to click sites I use and I have had 20 payments so far from them. It cost me $5.95 for a one month membership, so I will be wanting to make at least that over the next month in order to break even. Over the previous month I was able to earn $0.34 so in order for the membership to be worth it, I must make at least $6.29 and because there are many, many more ads to click, I would expect to earn considerably more than this if was to continue the membership.

Clicksias elite membership offers the following benifits:

  •  Access to Elite Only PTC Ads,
  • Access to Elite Only Signup Offers,
  • 100% of your Referral’s PTC earnings,
  • 20% of your Referral’s Signup Offer earnings,
  • $0.20 per thousand valid hit for your PTP efforts,
  • 5% bonus of your Referral’s Purchases,
  • Free 2000 Traffic Exchange Credits,
  • Free 2 Banner Rental Days,
  • Free 2 Text ads Rental Days.

Now I will be hoping that my few active referrals click many ads as I will be earning 100% of their earning over the next month. Hopefully you will be seeing 6 or 7 payment proofs over the next month or so and I will be keeping you posted on my progress. If you want you can also join Clicksia through the banner below and we can earn some extra money together.


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