Clicksia payment proof 10

Clicksia payment proof 10The payments are really coming fast and furious now from Clicksia. I am getting at least one a week now, but more will be nessessary to make up the $5.99 I paid for elite membership earlier this month. The membership has allowed me to earn 100% of what my referrals make in paid to click section of this site and that has increased my earnings dramatically.

Also with the membership comes a whole lot more ads. So many in fact, that I must admit it becomes tedious to click them all. They have been arranged in order of greatest earning to least, so you don't have to click them all if you don't want,. I am intent in making back the $5.99 I spent on the site this month, so I will continue to click absolutely everything I see, until the membership runs out on the 3rd of March.

I haven't yet checked out the elite offers that I now have access to, so if things are a little light towards the end I might complete a few of those to increase my earnings. After 10 payments I can well and truely claim that Clicksia is an excellent site that always pays on time. The earning are a bit light when compared to other sites, but the cash out minimum is so low that payments will start flowing in very quickly.


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    • RussBenk says:

      What a massive comment! I fail to see what it has to do with my payment proof from Clicksia, but hey, thanks for stopping by.

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