Clicksia payment proof 11

Clicksia payment proof 11My elite membership with Clicksia is still going very well and with my eleventh payment, I have more faith in this site than ever. I just keep getting payment after payment after payment. It is still going to be tight whether or not I make back the cost of the membership for the month, but even if I don't the loss is not going to be significant and I have all these payment proof to show for it. I still think I jumped the gun a bit with the membership and should have waited until I had more or more active referrals. 

I believe that when this membership runs out, I will start another advertising campaign to get some more referrals and then try again for another month. If you have any other paid to click sites you are interesting in promoting, Clicksia gives you a small amount of advertising along with your elite membership, by the way.

Anyway I will state all of the usual praise here, and encourage you all to join Clicksia. It is a trustworthy site that has been in business for many years and I have not come across any reports of there being problems with getting paid. It is not the most profitable site that I use, but it is certainly well worth joining and, as I have proved once again the small payments will just keep coming in.


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