Clicksia payment proof 12

I have reached yet another minimum payout and requested a cash out. I am pleased to announce that Clicksia has paid me for the 12th time. This site has most definitely become the site that I have received the most payments from. Every time out of the 12, I have been paid within 7 days with no hassle or questions asked. It is as simple as stating the amount to cash out entering my PayPal email address, then in less than a week the money has appeared in my account.

As you can see by the recent amount of payment posts involving Clicksia, my payments are coming quite quickly since I moved to an elite member. Now that I am coming to the end of my membership purchase, I can see it is going to be tight whether or not I make back the cost of the membership. If I don't, it will be very close and I have got some advertising and a whole lot of payment proofs from it, so no real problem in my opinion.


You can join in the earnings by signing up to Clicksia following the link here:



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