Clicksia payment proof 14

Clicksia payment proof 14

I now have my fourteenth payment proof to show you. Again, the payment has come very quickly thanks to the low $1.00 minimum cash out. Clicksia is by no means the most profitable site that I use, but, as you can see by quickly looking around my site, it is most definitely the site which has paid me the most often. By a huge majority. I feel like Clicksia would be one of the best sites to join if one does not have much (or any) experience with paid to click sites, because of how easy it is to reach you minimum cash out threshold. Even someone who has no referrals at all can test the site, reach their first $1.00 cash out to prove to themselves that it is a legit and paying site, before really getting serious and investing time and/or money into getting more from the site. It is one of the sites I first joined and believe it is one of the reasons I continued to explore paid to click instead of packing it in.

If you are just starting out however I do recommend reading my last post as well. It highlights some of the ways that you are able to get started earning more than the couple of cents a day you usually earn on a paid to click site.


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