Clicksia payment proof 15

Clicksia payment 15Yet another payment from Clicksia makes this my 15th! As always, I have no complaints with the timely way my payment arrived within 7 days once again. Having a minimum payout of only $1.00, allows me to withdraw my earnings again and again.

Clicksia has not been the most profitable site that I used but time and again I am able to withdraw a handy $1.00 from it and over time those dollars really start to add up. I mentioned in a previous post that my paid to click earnings are now paying for the hosting costs of this site, and those small payments from Clicksia really add up and contribute to my total earnings.

To quickly and easily start earning some extra income from paid to click programs, I recommend Clicksia.

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2 Responses to Clicksia payment proof 15

  1. Miguel Silva says:

    Thanks for your visit.

    This is also one of my favorite sites. I do not have much proof as his but I hope to get there. This site pays.


    • RussBenk says:

      No problem, I have just cashed out again on Clicksia and will post an update when the 7 day waiting period has passed and I have been paid. Good luck with your earnings…

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