Clicksia payment proof 9 and elite membership

clicksia payment proof 9

I have received my 9th payment from Clicksia within the 7 days that the website states payment will be made within. The cash out threshold for Clicksia is very low at $1.00 so it is very easy for me to reach and request a cash out. If you have a look at my payment proofs, you will see that Clicksia is by far the most numerous. You will also see that the time between my last payment and this one has decreased dramatically and you will see the same with my next payment. This is because I have now decided to upgrade to an elite membership.

When should you upgrade to Clicksia elite membership?

Before you consider upgrading there are a few things you should bear in mind. The first is what you will get for your elite membership fee. From the Clicksia store:

"Upgrading to an Elite membership gives you access to more unique features that could exponentially grow your earnings.

Once you upgrade you get the following:


  • Access to Elite Only PTC Ads,
  • Access to Elite Only Signup Offers,
  • 100% of your Referral's PTC earnings,
  • 20% of your Referral's Signup Offer earnings,
  • $0.20 per thousand valid hit for your PTP efforts,
  • 5% bonus of your Referral's Purchases,
  • Free 2000 Traffic Exchange Credits,
  • Free 2 Banner Rental Days,
  • Free 2 Text ads Rental Days."



The first thing I noticed after I purchased my elite membership was the HUGE addition of ads. Some are worth $0.003 most are worth $0.002 and it should not be hard for someone to make between $0.06 and $0.10 per day from ads alone. This alone will not cover your elite fee over a month though! You will get access to elite sign up offers, so be sure to also check these to add to your earnings.

The most important feature for me was the huge increase in you earnings from referral clicks. With a standard membership you only receive 10% of your referrals earnings, but with the elite membership, you will make an incredible 100% of your referrals earnings. This is where you will make back the cost of your membership fee. I recommend having at least 50 referrals available and they should be as active as possible. Membership cost is $5.95 per month, so you must be earning at least $0.1983 per day in order to break even. More if you want to actually profit from your membership. I currently have 43 referrals, so I have jumped the gun a little, I am hoping that some of my more active referrals with help me to break even this month. I will be posting the results after I see how it all shakes out at the end of this month.

You will also notice the traffic exchange credits and banner rental days and the text ad rental days. If you have a webpage that you wish to promote, including other paid to click programs to gain referrals, then these advertising opportunities will be a extra use to you.

In summery:

DO NOT upgrade to elite membership unless you have around 50 referrals which are reasonably active or you will lose money.

Not a member yet? Join here:



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  2. honehy says:

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    • RussBenk says:

      Yes, I think that anhits is certainly an option to advertise for referrals on Clicksia and Clicksia does pay for valid hits also.

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