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ClixGridClixSense has an extra little game that can help you to earn even more money everyday. ClixGrid lets you click on a picture to reveal prizes that may be hidden below the grid. You get 30 chances per day to win $10.00 to add to your account. Remember that the minimum cash out is only $8.00 for standard free members so if you win the big one, you can cash out straight away.

The grid is placed over one of many beautiful images that you can download  for your own collection, I use several for desktop backgrounds, seriously they really are that nice. and you simply have to click a square on the grid view an ad for 10 seconds, then you will see if you have won or not.

If you are an advertiser, of course, you can place your ad on the grid for  am month at a cost of $20. I have advertised using the ClixGrid a few time myself an had favorable conversions. I believe I received around 20,000 views each time, but your experience may vary. I am considering running my new PTC advertising page for a month again very soon.

So how can you win at ClixGrid? What is the trick to win every time? There are no tricks that I know of. It seems to be completely random. I have clicked in patterns, randomly and grouped all around one area and it has give me approximately the same results.

Is it worth clicking all 30 clicks every day? Is it profitable? Kind of, I would click all the view ads on ClixSense first, as it is more profitable, but afterwards you can surely try your luck on ClixGrid for that extra boost of income. In my total history I have clicked 5881 times and won $2.85. This come to about  $0.0005 per click, meaning that it is half as profitable as the cheapest ads you can click, but not a total waste of time.

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