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clixsensehackedLast week Clixsense was hacked and the team over there had to work very hard to make sure that their users were not compromised. It looks as though they have done an excellent job. I would not have even known there had been a problem if they had not made regular announcements telling us what was happening. The only impact on my and most other user account was having to reset the password. I think there was only one day the website was offline. Below is the latest announcement from Clixsense:

“Members we want to keep you informed on what is happening with our recent hack. It has come to our attention that this hacker did get access to our database server for a short period of time. He was able to gain access to this not directly but instead through an old server we were no longer using that had a connection to our database server. (This server has since been terminated).

He was able to copy most if not all of our users table, he ran some SQL code that changed the names on accounts to “hacked account” and deleted many forum posts. He also set user balances to $0.00.

We were able to restore the user balances, forum and many account names. Some of you were asked to fill out your name again as we did not want to restore this from our backup due to the amount of time it would have taken to get back online.

What does this all mean? Simply put, your ClixSense account information is now much more secure. We did a forced password change as a precautionary measure and many of you have already changed your emails as well. If by chance you have used the same password here as other services (such as your email, Paypal or another PTC, etc..) please make sure you change these passwords too.

To say this past week was a bit stressful is an understatement. It has taught us that regardless of what you do to stay secure, it still may not be enough. We are continuing to improve ClixSense security all around and we will continue to keep you updated on any new developments.

Thank you”

Clixsense gets top marks in my book for the efficient and transparent way they handled this small disaster and my trust in them has increased even high than before. If you are looking for a trustworthy paid to click site, Clixsense gets my vote.

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