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clixsenseClixSenses admin has announced that they will be relocating their business on their news page on on the forum.

Members, please read this as it is an important announcement.

“As with anything that happens in life, nothing is constant and everything changes and this includes ClixSense. On Thursday August 7th, ClixSense will be relocating from Rome NY to Hampstead North Carolina. The ClixSense ownership will remain the same, as will the ClixSense staff. 2 of our staff (Becki and Aaron) will remain in and work from New York while myself and Joe will continue to run the business from Hampstead North Carolina. 

This move was more of a personal decision rather than a business one. But because North Carolina is one of the top states in the US to conduct business in (according to, we feel this will be a fantastic move for ClixSense.

We look forward to continued success from North Carolina.

Thank you

So what does this mean? Nothing, I expect. We will still be able to make great earnings from ClixSense I am sure.

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  1. Naza Dean says:

    ClixSense is a great way to make money! I like..

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