Clixsense payment proof 3

Clixsense payment proofAnother week’s post and another payment proof, this time from Clixsense. This has only been my third payment from Clixsense, but that doesn’t stop this site from being one of the most profitable of all the paid to click sites I am a member of. Clixsense pays out twice a week on a Monday and Friday of every week, so after you reach the minimum cash out of $8.00, it will be only a few days before the money will arrive in your PayPal account.

Clixsense has some great ads to click on, every day I see at least one worth $0.01 and several $0.005. Occasionally I even see $0.02 ads. If you have any experience with paid to click you will know it has become rare to see ads paying out this much on site that are actually paying. This is one of the reasons I believe Clixsense to be one of the best paid to click sites to make money off of.

Even if you are new to paid to click and have never used a PTC site before, Clixsense is one of the best looking and user friendly sites out there. The high amount of earning per click also make it a choice as it is encouraging to see your account grow rapidly. It does have a fairly high cash out minimum though, so users must stay motivated and click regularly to meet that cashout minimum. As with all the paid to click sites I use, Clixsense is also free to join.

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