ClixSense payment proof 5

Clixsense payment 5 Got my 5th payment from ClixSense last week and i am happy to say that once again they paid me instantly and without any troubles.

This time my earning have been helped out by the number of referrals that I have sign up recently. ClixSenses affiliate promotion pays you each time you refer someone to their site and they sign up. Each premium member will get $0.15 per referral sign up and each free member will get $0.07 for every referral that signs up.


This is another great feature of ClixSense making it one of he best paid to click sites you can join. And with my 5th payment having been paid, I can also confirm that this is a paying trustworthy site.

Also it is free to join, so click on the link below, sign up and have a look around…

Click Here To Join:


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