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WebsiteOne of the things you will want to do at some point is to create your own website. In my case, I have this website to chronicle my attempts to earn money online and advertise the programs that I use. I use this site as a kind of homebase to send those interested in joining the programs that I use. After some time, this becomes almost essential in getting referrals to paid to click programs.

I am taking some time this week to explain to you how I created this site, it was very easy for me and in less than 24 hours my site was up and running. Please note that it will cost a small amount of money to have a stable, high quality website.

Get a domain name.
Choose the name of your domain name and check to see if it is available. This can be quite a time consuming step, because if there is a lot of competition in your chosen niche, all of the good names may have already been taken. Your domain site should reflect what your site is about. This helps your visitors know that they have arrived at the correct site and is also good for search engine optimisation. Your domain can help search engines decide what you site is about and guide visitors there accordingly.
I chose to register my domain name with crazydomains. The price was among the cheapest, crazydomains have an excellent reputation as New Zealands #1 domain registrar and I was looking for a ‘’ site. Visit crazydomains and search for the domain name you are looking for. The ‘’ extension is good for attracting new zealand traffic, something like ‘.com’ may be better for international traffic though. You may have to try a few different combinations and crazydomain will help you with suggestions. After you have chosen the name you want, click register, choose the length of time you want to register and fill in your details to become registered. After you confirm your registration, you will be able to login and manage your site.

Get Hosted.
Although you can use crazydomains hosting service and I am sure it is very good, I opted to use hostgator for hosting. I have used them before and although they are not the cheapest host to use, they are still reasonably priced and I find that the excellent support and stability of my site is more than worth the extra dollar. I suggest the hatchling plan to start with, you can always upgrade later if need be. Enter your domain name and select: “I already own this domain” Fill in the rest of the details and hit click “create account”. After you have confirmed all your details you need to change your nameservers.
Log in to your hostgator cpanel for your domain, this is usually accessed through Your name servers can be found in on the left under account information. Record the TWO name servers listed there, usually they look something like: ns??? Next enter you crazy domains account and click the domains icon at the top of your dashboard, you should see you name servers here. Click on update nameservers then remove both name servers and replace them with the two that you have found from your hostgator cpanel. Click update and you will see a message warning you that this should take 2 hrs, but could take up to 48 hrs. Click ok. This has only ever taken 2 hrs for me. Done, go have a sleep or something until the name servers have been updated.

Create your site.
This site uses a wordpress installation and I recommend it very highly. WordPress is a very popular blogging platform that is very versatile and can be modified to act like almost any kind of website. You can install WordPress from your cpanel by clicking the QuickInstall icon under Software/Services. Under Blog Software on the left you will be able to click WordPress and after you fill in the details a confirmation will be sent to the email you entered telling you your username and password for your wordpress site, DO NOT LOSE THESE! This is how you will be able to edit your site. WordPress should now be installed and you can access your dashboard from You will be prompted to enter your username and password and that is it, you are done. Working with WordPress is very easy and you should be able to figure most of the basics out by reading the prompts and playing around yourself. As WordPress is a very widely used blogging engine it is easy to find information on what it is exactly you want to do with your site by searching the internet. Have fun!

I hope that this post was easy enough for you to follow and that you now have your very own website to do with what you wish. If I have left anything out or you have a question please leave a message in the comment below and I will do my best to help you out.




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