Earn extra money for free – part 2

cropped-Gold.jpgAfter you have a website to use as a base of operations, you should now be focused on getting payment proofs to show that the sites that you are using and promoting actually pay and aren’t a bunch of scams you are pushing just to make a buck. In the long run your traffic audience should trust you. If you are just trying to get a few dollars for the short term you won’t be able to continue earning on line after everyone realizes that you are lying to them.

The first thing you should do on your page is introduce yourself and tell everyone what you are trying to do, you will attract people who are trying to do the same and these are the people that you want as they are the people who will sign up to programs that you use. The most effective way to convince people to sign up is to show them your success. Again, be honest, you will be considered untrustworthy if you inflate your earnings and your referrals are unable to get the same results as you.

Get payments from sites as soon as you reach the minimum to cash out. Get as many payments as you can, even if they are small at first. I use payment proof, such as a screen shot of my PayPal account, to prove that the programs I use do actually pay. Of course remember to censor/blur out and personally identifiable details so that unscrupulous types can’t get their hands on your hard earned dollars. Spread these payment proofs far and wide, with your referral link and link back to your ‘home base’ website.

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