Earn extra money for free – Part 3

cropped-Gold.jpgNow that you have your webpage up and running and you are getting a few visitors, you will eventually get lucky and a few active referrals will sign up to your referral programs. This will multiply your earnings, so that the more payments you get the more referrals will join you and, the more referrals that join you the more payments you will get. Pretty soon you will have a decent sized blog style page and hopeful you will be getting more and more visitors.

When your visitors start to get up around 1000-2000 unique visits a month, you may want to start advertising a product or service. If you have been really lucky, an advertiser may have already contacted you. Now you can sell real estate on your site to sellers who are interested in the exposure. Often you can be paid monthly for hosting a banner ad or something simular.

Another form of advertising is pay per click. An example of something like this would be google adwords. You host googles little ad module and are paid a small amount every time someone clicks on of the ads. Google hates paid to click sites, so if you are working with any PTC I would not work with adwords or risking getting banned.

Alternatively, you can have a look around for groups or products that offer affiliate marketing. There are so many of varying quality, that I will leave you look them up for yourself, but like with any program, do your research and make sure you are working with someone you can trust. An example of a popular affiliate site would be clickbank.

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