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I have been noticing an increase in the number of time I have won ClickRewards recently so I thought this week I would share with you what I have won. ClickRewards were introduced by BuxP a while ago now as an incentive to click on more ads. This reward system is similar to others I have seen on other paid to click sites. The prizes, however, seem to be a lot more interesting on BuxP.

Basically, ClickRewards rewards active users randomly with a prize. You can increase your chances in many ways including viewing ads, viewing videos (both YouTube and Vidmeo), completing offers or by completing surveys. The prizes you may receive are as follows:

  • Lottery tickets
  • Jackpot cells
  • Traffic Exchange credits
  • Referrals (1 & 5 packages)
  • Premium Membership (weekly, monthly, yearly)
  • Balance Money (from $0.01 to $1)

First ClickReward

My 1st win was a lottery ticket. I have not used BuxP lottery very much so I used the ticket to enter straight away. The lottery runs weekly with 10 referral for 1st prize, 4 referral for 2nd prize and 1 referral for 3rd prize. Unfortunately I won nothing this time :(.

ClickReward 2

My second prize was a referral! Excellent prize as referrals are hard to come by and I am always pleased when I get another direct referral.


My third prize was 100 Traffic Exchange Credits. These are not as valuable as advertising credits, but still very useful as I can use these to expose others to my site. I will use these to try and get more referrals to other paid to click sites that I use.


The most recent, my 4th win has rewarded me with $1.00! This prize is pretty much self explanatory. Who would turn down a free dollar? I am now a $1.00 closer to reaching my minimum cashout.

So, as you can see the ClickReward has proven to be a  generous and useful addition to the BuxP site. ClickReward is now another reason to sign up with BuxP for free and start earning money online.

Join me in earning from BuxP here:



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