Earn extra money online: Getting started

The most difficult step to making extra money online is getting started.

The first obstacle you will encounter after you have decided that you want to earn money online is yourself. It is very easy to day dream and read countless pieces of information on how to earn online while never lifting a finger to put yourself out there and get started. While it is important to do research and have a good plan on how you are going to start, everyday that you are not earning is a day wasted. The internet is a place that never closes and high traffic is traveling to and fro in amazing volumes. People, search engines and bots could be visiting you while you sleep. But not if you aren't present and off dreaming somewhere.

Take advantage of free sites and programs.

There are many site out there that you can join for free, so do so. I the site is free you have lost absolutely nothing, but stand to gain a vast amount. If nothing else, the sooner you start learning how to make extra money online the sooner you can become experienced at it and understand how to make larger profits. If it takes you 3 months to learn how to use the internet for making money, is that going to be 3 months from today or 3 months after you waste time thinking about it or reading about it. Seriously, at first don't spend a cent, join free sites, if there is no risk of you losing any money than you only have knowledge and experience to gain.

Some free programs I use are online survey sites and paid to click sites.

Survey sites.

Survey sites are not going to make you rich quick, but depending on your location, a few hours of doing surveys can buy you a domain name and pay for the costs of having your own website. Almost all of these sites are free so you can have money that you have earned re-invested in other ways of earning money online. Essentially, you can have a free website. Some of the sites that I use are SmileCity, SpiderMetrix, MyOpinions and PureProfiles.

Paid to click sites.

These are more long term, less profitable and can be down right dishonest in paying you money, but never the less, sites of this type make up an important part of my online income. It is very important to find sites that are trustworthy, but a small amount of research can weed out the scams from the gems. Make sure you have seen payment proofs from users of these sites before joining. The upside is that paid to click sites are free to join so if you do make a bad choice, you have lost nothing but a bit of time. Paid to click site that I use include: BuxP, Neobux, ClixSense, Clicksia, Incentria and WordLinx.

Hopefully this post has had some impact on you and you won't hesitate any longer in plunging in and making money online. These are just a few tips on how to get started and I have posted them here because of the ease in which you can join and speed at which you can start making money online. They are not going to make you rich overnight, but are the least risky and easiest ways I have found. In the coming weeks, I will be posting more profitable methods that require more work to set up, more understanding of the internet and more risk in the form of start up cost. In the mean time, start making extra money online.

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