Earn money playing games: BUXPlane 2

BUXP gameBUXPlane 2 is BUXP's game that it offers to all users for a bit of fun. Not only is the game offered as a bit of fun, but there is a fierce competition going on every week. BUXP has fronted up to offer cash prizes to players who are skilled enough to place against other users.

This game is a relativity simple shoot 'em up offered for free and completely online. The object, like all good shoot 'em ups is to annihilate all planes that fly across your path while simultaneously avoiding them in order to survive. You are able to choose, from three possibilities, which plane you will take into battle at the start of the game, but you must choose wisely because each plane has it's special strengths and weaknesses.

 — Alpha —

BUXPlane Alpha  The Alpha is your standard plane and has excellent balance between power and speed. It Is nimble enough to avoid most obstacles, but still packs a punch in it's guns and is able to down most other planes in just a few shots.

— Beta —

BUXPlaneBeta The Beta is a light, fast plane. What it lacks in power it more than makes up for in speed and maneuverability. This plane is able to dart around the screen with amazing speed and avoid any oncoming threats. There is a downside to the Beta, however, as taking down larger more heavily armored planes can be a challenge as several shot are need to make an impact.

— Gamma —

BUXPlaneGamma The Gamma is a virtual tank of the skies. The Gamma guns are it's greatest strength and few planes can withstand the barrage that the Gamma can dish out. Carrying the weight of extra firepower makes the Gamma slow and cumbersome and often you will find you need to take evasive action early.

There are also bonus's that drop from the sky, collect enough to spell BUXP, and you will get a large point boost.

All BUXP users can join in the un and play against each other to try and get the highest score. BUXP have made things a little more interesting by offering prizes to the best players. The users with the highest scores at the end of the week will be rewarded with $0.20 for first place, $0.10 for second place and $0.05 for third place. The users with the highest scores at the end of the month will be rewarded with $1.00 for first place, $0.50 or second place and $0.20 for third place. I have not won a prize yet, but I have been practicing and have started to appear on the leader board.

Join BUXP for free to try out BUXPlane 2 for yourself!




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