Earning update May 2017 – Part II

earning update may 2017This is on continuation of last weeks post which you can read by clicking on this sentence.

We left off last week with a new and exciting way of making money online for me. I will start by saying, unlike the other ways I have been promoting on this site, this approach requires some capital, in this case bitcoin. It also has significant risk, using this type of method can lose you the money that you have put in. So as always, do not play with money you cannot afford to lose.

As mentioned in the last post, I had already ferreted away a bunch of bitcoin and although they are worth crazy amounts these days, investing them into risky trades loses me nothing in the long run as I have currently made more off of them than I bought them for. I am not stupid though, I am not going to risk it all, merely 1BTC in this case.

As BitNz has now shut down as a trading platform, I had to find a new one. NZBCX looks to be a legit and trustworthy according to all of the research I have done. My plan was to sell BTC as the price moved up and buy BTC as the price moved down or corrected itself. Last month was a very lucky time to start as the price made another huge increase. If you would like to know more about the specifics on how I trade, leave a comment and I will look into publishing the method in the near future.

So how did I do? Well, I will post all of the usual breakdown this time with profits from BTC trading.

  •  PTC earning.
  Earned this month Payments Referral sign ups
Neobux $0.74 0 2
Clixsense $0.96 0 1
BuxP $0.45 0 1
Wordlinx $0.08 0 0

Total – $2.23USD = $3.06NZD (approx)

  • Online surveys
SmileCity $4.73
MyOpinion $1.58
spidermetrix $0.16
Pure Profile $12.11
opini $6.15

Total – $24.73NZD

  • Other earning

Bitcoin – $474.80NZD

Affiliate advertising – $0.00NZD

  • Costs

site hosting – $17.26NZD


  • Total earning: $502.59
  • Payments received: $60.00
  • Total –> $502.59– $17.26(hosting) =$485.33NZD earned

Yes, you read that right $485.33 in profit this month!

I cannot expect that BTC trading will go so well in future months, in fact I am pretty sure I got lucky this month. Luck is a fickle mistress, an I will not rely on her alone. Stay tuned as I continue to search for more method for earning extra money online.

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