Earning update May 2017

It has been quite some time since my last earning update and posts have been a little sporadic. If you recall back to March when I made my last earning update post, I was dealing with several problems in my earnings and the amount of money I was making was dropping rapidly until it reached one of the lowest points since I started.

In March, I made $12.04. 

Yes, that is right. I was now earning less than the cost of keeping this website up and running.

I was up and running again in April with a large payment from referring people to join the survey site Pureprofile, but they also informed me that they were pulling the plug on the referral program!

I felt like giving up, but knew that there must be other ways to turn a profit on the internet. After racking my brains over several weeks, I came up with a plan.

I have been earning from the internet and posting about it on this blog now for 5 years, and it has always been ways of earning that cost nothing. Time for a change. I have been quietly squirreling away the money for the past 5 years with the intent of using the money to make more money.

In that time I had put a significant amount into the famous, but terribly risky Bitcoin and it has paid off big time with the price of BTC sky rocketing from $57 a coin when I started to a whopping $3900 today. But I wasn’t going to simply sell off my investment to make a profit. I had another plan.

I will continue this story next post, so check in next week if you want to know how I turned the profit shown on the graph at the start of this post.

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