Free bitcoins payment proof

freebitcoinPaymentProofLast week I introduced a site that I had started using to win free bitcoin. I got a great response from those who had seen the post, so this week I thought I would show you all my first payment from the site.

This site is extremely simple to use, all you need is a bitcoin wallet and the ability to solve a captcha. I would recommend making a wallet specifically for your winnings and other ‘small change’. I use for my wallets and they have served me very well thus far. Note that the winnings are usually very small, but a payment transaction will be paid automatically (by default) every time your balance reaches a specified amount. The amount you win and the auto payment fluctuates a small amount as the BTC market fluctuates , but at the time of writing, the absolute minimum you will win is 0.00000448 BTC and you are paid out every time you reach 0.00005460 BTC which means you will on;y have to play a maximum of 13 times before you can be paid. This site is free to play, so at the very least you can go and have a look and you have nothing to lose.

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