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PTCpadWhen using paid to click sites to earn extra money, you will need to refer new users to the site in order to really start making any decent profit. This is the longest and hardest part of the process. I have touched on before how you can attract referrals using blogs like this one or sharing the links with your friends and family, but last week I tried out a site that does an excellent job of organizing the paid to click programs you are trying to promote into one easy to read and attractive format, and what is more it is totally free.

PTCpad has done what I am surprised no one has done before them, in fact I wish that I had thought of it. Simply sign up and select which sites you would like to promote, enter your referral links and you will be given a link to a page that has organized the banners of all your favorite PTC sites for you to start promoting straight away. It is so easy that it took me less than 7 minutes to set up my page. No kidding, literally less than 7 minutes that is how easy it is.

You can pay to get a premium page with detailed click stats and the like, but if you haven’t the time or skill to create your own website, it is totally free and incredibly easy. Have a look at my page -> here. I only want to promote four sites, but the page will look even better if you wish to promote more than that. You can sign up and make you own -> here.

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