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Almost everywhere I look on the internet I see offers to join this get rich quick program or that internet millionaire program promising to make me rich. Terms like “Monthly paycheque”, “get paid on autopilot” and “while you sleep” are thrown around.

These types of ads remind me of the television infomercials, where you are promised you will “lose weight fast” have “fun doing it” and will get “your money back if this revolutionary new program doesn’t work for you”. From many years of bombardment, I realised that if there was one ‘simple, fun and easy’ way of losing weight fast, then everyone would be their ideal weight and there would be no more products being made and no more ads trying to sell to the overweight. This means that there is more involved in losing weight, than “just ten minutes a day”. Losing weight takes time, work and discipline.

Making money online is no different; you cannot just buy a product or service that will earn you money on autopilot making you an overnight internet millionaire. It will take you time, work and discipline. Do these programs work? Sure, some do, just as some exercise equipment advertised on TV will also cause you to lose weight. But you need to be the one working at it and if you give up after you see slower than expected results, than you will never succeed.

Spend nothing and do your own research, or if you are really stuck research a good program for you to join and stick with it. Never jump from program to program hoping that one of them will make money for you. You have to make money for yourself, otherwise you are just dividing your attention between several different things while those who sell these get rich quick schemes , instead, get rich themselves. 

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