How to convert neopoints to cash

convert neopoints to cash

If you have a few thousand neopoints in your neobux account and aren't sure what to do with them, here is a way to spend the points to get money into your main balance. Neopoints cannot directly be converted into cash in your main balance, but it can be transfered into your rental balance or used to directly renew and recycle rented referrals. There is one draw back, you must front up some of your own money to buy a 3 pack of referrals (or more if you are in a hurry).

The cost of buying a 3 pack of rented referrals is $0.60 and, by following the method below, I have averaged 125 clicks per month per 3 referrals over the past 5 months. This means that it cost me $0.60 to make and average of (125*0.005) = $0.625.

Neobux rented referral strategy:

  • If a referral has an average click rate of less than 1.5 clicks per day, then recycle them after 5 days of inactivity.
  • If a referral has  an average click rate of 1.5 or greater click per day, then recycle them after 7 days of inactivity.
  • Click at approximately the same time everyday. 

​Now as you can see, You will only get a return of $0.025 on your $0.60 in the first month, but you will not have to buy the pack of 3 referrals again, you can renew them using your neopoints. I chose to renew them for another 30 days as this will give me a discount of 5%. You can choose to renew for longer if you wish. If you get 125 clicks again this month, then you will have made $0.625 again, this time with out spending anything but your neopoints.

How many neopoints do you need? Well make sure you have at least 253 neopoints available to you for the renewal at the end of the month and you will also need some extra points for recycling inactive referrals. Lets say 3-6 recycles per month at 93 points per recycle. You will need another 279-558 points and over 2 months, 558-1116 points.

I would not recommend trying this method unless you have at least 2000 neopoints in your account.

I have also turned on autopay, you will need some money in your rental balance to do this.

And there you have it. After the first month you should be making around $0.625 for an expendature of 532 – 811 neopoints per month. I have worked out that each neopoint is worth about 0.08 of one cent for renting purposes (ie recycle at 93 points or $0.07 –>  7/93 = 0.0753 cents) and if this is followed you will be making between 0.1175 and 0.0771 cents per neopoint so it is almost on par with what they are worth.

Hope this method helps you.


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