How to get paid to click referrals

paid to click referralsIf you ever want to make significant income from paid to click programs, you will have to be able to get your own referrals at some time or another. Today I will be sharing a few tips on how you can get some referrals for your favorite paid to click site. For those of you who don’t know, referrals are essential to making any real money from paid to click sites because you earn from everything your referral does or spends on the site. Now on to the tips:

  • Tell your friends

This would be the cheapest and easiest way to get a few referrals. By simply give your referral link to your friend and family, you may get several to join ptc sites as your referrals. You may even want to try this through social media such as facebook or twitter, although there may be restrictions to posting your referral links. Remember to be honest about what to expect from the program, these people are your family and friends, you aren’t trying to trick or scam anyone.

  • Make a website/blog

Yes, this is what I am doing with this site. There are many ways to get a website up and running and there is a great deal of difference in cost. Some methods are free. Free site are harder to get visitors to and I went for the options of spending a small amount of money on some quality hosting. You can read how by clicking -> here. This method can be difficult to get up and running without a bit of know how and even then it can be hard to get visitors, nevermind getting referrals

  • Purchase or rent referrals

Most paid to click sites allow you to purchase or referrals from them. I do not particularly like renting referrals as it takes a lot of effort to monitor and renew them to make sure you are paying less than you earn. Buying referrals I have had better luck with, but not all sites offer this and there is some controversy  over if these purchases are real people or not. I have had great success purchasing referrals from BuxP.

  • Spread your referral link

Trying commenting on posts you see around the net and on forums and include your referral link. Be friendly and on topic and you might get some people signing up under you.

  • Advertise

This is my favorite method and it gives me the most referrals to paid to click sites. So where do we advertise for paid to click referrals? On paid to click sites of course! When you click ads on a paid to click site, where do you think those ads come from?  I have used ClixSense’s ClixGrid before with excellent results and will be starting a new campaign next week. I believe I will be posting on my results as well so watch out for it.

If you have any questions on your referral link, how to promote it or if you have any other tips you would like to add, please leave a comment below and good luck on getting those referrals!


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2 Responses to How to get paid to click referrals

  1. Chris says:

    I just recently discovered PTC, and at first I thought it was kind of a joke. After I started to really get into the nitty-gritty of it, I found out that it can be very profitable. The money is really in getting referrals. Renting is important, but it’s also vital to get a lot of direct referrals as well. It’s kind of a slow starting business, but once you have a ton of referrals (over 1000), you will really pick up steam and start to make a little money. My goal right now is to earn $20 a day with Neobux. I’m not even close yet, but I know I’m definitely on the right track. Great article BTW!

    • RussBenk says:

      Yes Chris,
      generating referrals is the name of the game, I actually have moved away from rented referrals and invested all of my efforts into direct referrals.
      Good luck with your goal.

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