How to make more money from online survey sites

Online Survey site nzGetting to your minimum cash out point on online survey sites can be one of the most challenging things you will face when starting out and many give up and quit before they see even one dollar from filling out online surveys for extra money. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of online survey sites.



Join a selection of sites

It can often be hard to find enough surveys to make any decent amount of income and I personally find it hard to make anymore than a small supplement to my main income. New Zealand has a much smaller base to work from many site are only interested in US or UK respondents. Make sure you join several sites in order to hedge your bets and get the maximum number of surveys to complete and absolutely do your research to make sure the site you sign up with actually pays and is not a scam. Also check that the site pays you in a currency that you can use. Set up a PayPal account in order to make sure you can accept both NZ and US dollars. If you are living in NZ, there is a list of sites I use to help get you started at the bottom of this post.

Fill out your profile to the fullest

The more the survey site knows about you, the most targeted surveys it will be able to deliver to you. Some sites even offer payment for filling your profile out completely.

Be Honest

There is no point for either you or the survey data collector for you to lie about your details in order to try and get more surveys. If you are a 21 year old non smoking man you could end up filling out a survey about smoking or tampons and not be able to answer honestly. this actually takes up more time in the long run as you struggle to get through question you know nothing about. Be honest and keep the good name online survey respondents. We all may be paid more, if companies don’t have to waste time rummaging through false or made up answers.

Check back everyday

New Surveys can appear and get filled up quickly. You should log in and check one a day to see if there is anything new for you.

Refer your friends

If you are with a site that is generous enough to offer reward for bringing your friends to their platform, take advantage of it, I have found it is one of the easiest ways to make extra money from these sites while allowing others to earn a bit of cash too.

Don’t waste your time

Sometimes you will get a survey that is just way too long or offers you a tiny reward for your time, don’t bother with these surveys, your time is better spent somewhere else. Most site do take the reward – time balance seriously and you should see this too often.

Hopefully you were able to get something from these tips and you are able to increase your online survey earnings. As promised, below are a list of sites that I use. I am based in New Zealand, so these sites may not be available to every country.








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