How to use NeoPoints


I have noticed that the balance of NeoPoints in my NeoBux account is starting to get fairly high.  At the time of my writing this post my NeoPoint balance totals 6,631. So what are these points and what are they good for?

What are NeoPoints?

NeoPoints are an extra reward offer by NeoBux in addition to normal payment for viewing ads. Just continue surfing ads and making money like you normally do and you will earn NeoPoints through the bonus packs you get for viewing advertisements. You will have seen this when clicking an advertisement:

NeoPoints Bonus Pack

So there you have it one NeoPoint for each ad you click.

What are NeoPoints for?

NeoPoints can be spent in three different ways:

1.   You can use them to recycle and/or extend your rented referrals.

2.   You can use 500 NeoPoints to increase the amount of direct referrals you are allowed to have by 1.

3.   If you are in it for the long haul, you can use NeoPoints to purchase 1 year of Golden Membership for 30,000 points.

I have a long way to go to reach my limit for direct referrals and a huge way to go to consider purchasing the gold membership, so in this post I will focus on the recycle/extend option. I know that it costs $0.07 or 93 NeoPoints to recycle an inactive referral so the value of 1 NeoPoint is 0.07/93 which come to approximately $0.00075. So now you can spend your NeoPoints on your rentals as though they were actually money in your rental balance.

Note that you can only use NeoPoints from the referral listing page.


If you are not a member of NeoBux, why not join here? It is free.

NeoBux Paid-toClick Service

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