Incentria payment proof 10

Not longer after my last payment from Incentria, I was able to request and receive another payment. Incentria is a site that just keeps giving. I find it very quick and easy to reach the minimum cash out balance of $1.00, by clicking ads, completing sign up offers and through members, that I have referred to them, being active. Everytime I click the cash out button Incentria has paid me within the 7 days stated on the site and I have never had to chase them up on it once. If you are looking for a reliable. paying paid to click site then Incentria is definitely one to join. If you are looking to advertise you can also take advantage of their traffic exchange program, in which you look at someones ads in exchange for others looking at your ad.

So thank you once again to Incentria for being a great site that I have grown to love and trust after 10 separate payments. Many others also have great things to say about this site, if you want to do a search and the best thing is Incentria is free to join so you cannot lose by joining and having a look around.


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