Incentria payment proof 5

Incentria payment 5


Another day another dollar, this time from Incentria which has been an excellent site to make extra money online. I have been using this site for about a year now and the payments are still coming, my payments have been coming quicker since I have been collecting a few referrals for this site.


The concept is the same as most paid to click sites:



·         Join – quickly by filling out a few pieces of none personal information such as email address and country of residence.

·         Click ads – head over to the ‘view advertisements’ section and click on one of the ads offered. The ad will open in a new window.

·         View the ad – view the advertisement until the timer runs out.

·         Human test – One of the displayed pictures will be upside down. Simply click on the upside down image wait a few fractions of a second to be validated then close the window.

·         Increase your balance– the money will be added to your account. Repeat multiple times over many days and you can cash out to your Paypal account when your balance reaches $1.00

Congratulations, You have just made money online. I find paid to click the easiest and quickest way to start making money online. I would like to be up front here though, and tell you that at first, the profits are not a huge amount and a dollar here and a dollar there is about the best you are going to get without completing offers and signing up new referrals.

That being said, Incentria is totally free to join and there is no risk to sign up and try your hand at. 

Join Incentria Here!


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