Incentria payment proof 7

Incentria payment proof 7The more referrals that sign up to Incentria, the more frequent my payments are becoming. Here is my latest payment from Incentria. I will first start by emphasising that, again, Incentria has paid me within 7 days of requesting a cash out and I never had any problems or even questions asked before the money arrives in my PayPal account.

Incentria is one of the most trustworthy paid to click sites on the internet and if you use any PTC sites, this one should definitely be on your list. If you are not a member of any paid to click sites than Incentria would be a great place to start. You can sign up and begin working gaining referrals, all the while clicking every day on your way to the low cash out minimum of $1.00. After you have received your payment, you have proved to yourself that the site will pay you and you can use the payment, as I have, to show others that the site will pay them too.

Incentria is totally free to join, so there is absolutely no risk in joining, start clicking and work your way towards your first payment. Like all paid to click sites, I must mention that the amount of payment is not a great deal unless you start referring others to the site. Even so, there is no harm in joining the site and having a look around.

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