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What is that? you want me to share more ways to get bitcoin for free? Alright, here is another handy one for earning small amounts of bitcoin for free. I have also been using faucet sites for the past month or so and have had several payments, so I feel that these site are now worth trying for a bit of extra BTC. These faucet sites work simply as follows.

You enter your wallet address, enter a captcha then click submit. Your earnings are held in a bitcoin management site called bit chest. After you have reached a determined amount (this will be shown clearly on the site so you know how close you are and is usually very small) the bitcoin is then moved to your bitcoin wallet. If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet I use and recommend as one of the best online wallets.

Enough talk now, here are the faucet sites:

Have fun 🙂

Free Bitcoins  
Get Bitcoins  
Rain Coins  
Smurf Coin  

See my payments or donate here:

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