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myopinionsmyopinions survey site has had a new look for quite a while now and I have only now just been able to post about it as I have had a few payment proofs lately to post. I probably won’t be posting any payment proofs from myopinions, not because it isn’t a good site, but because myopinions allows you to transfer your earned points to your smilecity account. Click here to see how. I have been working this way and get all my cash outs from smilecity (3 so far).

The new layout of the site looks great and is easy to use, and I personally have experienced a few more surveys than usual. Hopefully this keeps up and we can look forward to even more surveys with this site. After completing a few of these surveys, my membership status has changed to ‘bronze’. You will have had to of earned 500 points to get this status, but it comes with no bonus. Just bragging rights, I guess.

Anyways, with the new look now this site is better than ever before. You can join for free by clicking the banner below and take a look around yourself.

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