Myopinions NZ – changes to point transfer


My little trick of transferring the points from my myopinions account to Smilecity no longer works. Myopinions NZ has put the following statement on its website last week.

“Since the introduction of the Instant Cash Out feature, members have been able to cash out their rewards instantly with redemption starting as low as 1,100 points. As a result the demand for the transfer points feature has dropped significantly. For this reason, MyOpinions has closed the transfer points option.”

I was only transferring my points so I was able to get more payments from Smilecity to show on my site and generate referrals. Cancelling this feature will not really slow my down as myopinions offers a cashout via paypal. This is my preferred payment method and I am happy to find out that a $20.00 cashout is available for only 2,200. Not as many surveys as Smilecity, but myopinions is certainly one of the better survey site available to use in New Zealand.

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