Neobux Celebrates 8 years

This week Neobux celebrates 8 years as a paid to click site. I have been using Neobux for about four years of that and in all of my experience I have had no trouble with the site and most importantly, they have been flawless in paying me when i have reached the cash out minimum. Your first cash out minimum is only $2.00 and Neobux pays instantly into your PayPal account.

Neobux has made the following statement on their site regarding their 8th anniversary and a few promotions to celebrate:

“It was 8 years ago that a shy and quite modest NeoBux began offering its services.
Little did we know that NeoBux would become the standard that defines a PTC and that every new thing we developed and created redefined those same standards.

Innovation, stability, and honesty made us what we are today.
The same core values also define our future and will help us set new standards to better serve our users and advertisers.

It has been 8 years of care and love dedicated to you. What the future will bring is still a surprise which won’t be unravel yet but it will be awesome, that’s for sure.

The past year brought us an amazing growth. Not only it was the year when we had more users registering but also the year with the lowest abandon rate. Simply amazing.
It was also the year where we increased many bonuses and decreased a few prices to help cope with the increase in active users.

Thank you all for being who you are and all the love you gave us throughout these years.
I would also would like to thank all of you that out of jealousy hate us. That’s one thing that shows how great we are so be jealous as much as you possibly can, we appreciate it.

Lots of promotions to help celebrate these 8 years of success:

Renewal discount on referrals for all memberships:
30 days: 8%
60 days: 13%
90 days: 20%
150 days: 27%
240 days: 32%

Discount on Golden Membership purchases and / or extensions:
 Golden  $15 discount = $75

Discount on new Golden Pack purchases:
 Emerald  $5 discount = $285
 Sapphire  $5 discount = $285
 Platinum  $15 discount = $475
 Diamond  $15 discount = $475
 Ultimate  $30 discount = $860

Discount on Golden Pack renewals:
 Emerald  $5 discount = $265
 Sapphire  $5 discount = $265
 Platinum  $15 discount = $430
 Diamond  $15 discount = $430
 Ultimate  $30 discount = $770

The promotional period will end on March 30th at 18:00 server’s time.

We love you and we humbly and deeply appreciate all the love you give back to us.
Thank you for everything.”

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